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When life changes, a strong woman will survive…

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Escape into a world of love, mystery and adventure from only $2.99/£1.88!

“…dread of wandering mariner, where often, alas, the proud vessel hath floundered against thy iron ribs, or perished on they cruel rocks!” –W Braithwaite in his “Rural Reminiscences”.

Love is a timeless essential of life. Throughout history, love in all its forms is a constant: be it passionate, caring, needy, manipulative, possessive or one that is strong enough to cross barriers of culture or faith. When two souls meet in a situation which takes them out of their normal social strata or into a shared danger, a relationship forms as the adventure unfolds.

The historical romances are based in the early nineteenth century, set against dramatic social change at a time of war with France. Smuggling, espionage, press-gangs all add to the drama that the hero and heroine can face.

Created to be entertaining reads that pass away a few hours lost to the thrill of an adventure, the core of my work is based around the same area of North Yorkshire. My world features the rugged headland of Stangcliff, the old inn sheltered in the bay of Ebton below and Gorebeck, the fictitious market town on the edge of the moors, marking a major crossroads for travellers to Newcastle, Harrogate, Whitby, and York.

14 thoughts on “Val’s World

  1. Thank you for you for visiting my blog Queen of Ordinary, and for your encouraging words. I tried to approve the comment and I kept getting, “This page cannot be displayed” messages. Sounds as if we are somewhat kindred spirits. :)

  2. I’ll have to join you for a read (when I get my English head back on :) ) Valerie. I love my north east coast. Wish I could have brought some of the Polish weather back with me, though.

  3. Thank you for following my blog, Valerie! I had intended to get back with you long before now but got sidetracked with multiple issues along the way. I love the sound of your books!

  4. Hello again! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, as I love your blog and it’s great to see someone enjoying our great country. I have been to a few more places in Yorkshire recently and I have many more planned :D

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